Monday, June 11, 2012


That would be . . . Miss Annie Oakley.  We were at the big farm helping the in-laws with a new barbed wire fence.  The kids and I were sitting on the 4-wheeler when Annie ran up from behind us as fast as lightening.  She started running around in circles and her mouth was foaming.  The kids started yelling . . . WHAT IS THAT SMELL?  Needless to say, Annie got an education on skunks and why you should stay away from them!  She and the other dogs were crawling around a huge brush pile and apparently there was a skunk living underneath it.  It sprayed her right in the MOUTH.  We tried to clean her up with GOOP which is the orange stuff that mechanics use on their hands but you can’t use that INSIDE her mouth.  Talk about stinky breath.  She survived and we survived our 45 minute drive home with her cooped up in the car with us.  What is next Miss Annie?  I hate to ask.

*This happened 2 months ago and I swear I can still smell skunk on her.

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