Thursday, June 21, 2012

This Is What Happens . . .

When your cows open the chicken coop and lock themselves in.

Muddy mess
Poor victims
During this last Christmas holiday, we spent a couple days at the big farm.  We came home late one night and when Kyle was unloading the car he heard a strange noise and went to investigate.  That was when he found 3 of our heifers in our chicken coop.  Some how they were able to open the door and shut the door behind them.  How . . . we have NO idea but they did and as you can see they made a MUDDY mess in there.  The chickens were all in our smaller chicken pen (that used to be the chicken tractor) and were trying to stay out from underneath the heifer's feet and they were starving since the heifers had knocked over their feed.  We figure the heifers were in there at least 24 hrs.  You just never know what will happen around here.

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