Tuesday, July 10, 2012


When we moved into our house we inherited a dog. Not a new dog but she was new to us.  The previous owners decided to leave her at the house when they sold it cause it was her HOME.  We became her new family.  She took us in and accepted us.  Her name was Callie but we have called her Callie Jo from day one.  She was a Collie mix with long matted hair.  She hated when we would brush her hair but none the less she would endure it. We have no idea how old she was.  The previous owner said that his wife had found her on the side of the road somewhere and she was not a pup but about 1-2yrs old.  They had her for about 10yrs and then we had her for a year and a half.  So she could be as old as 13 or as young as 10.  We don't know, only she did.

When we woke on Saturday, she was moving really slow and she had an eye that was drooping and watering.  She was breathing hard but not panting. She would not drink water.  We figured that she must have had a heat stroke thanks to our 100+ degree weather.  Sunday, she was doing a little better.  She walked around, drank a HUGE amount of water and even went with Kyle and Squirrel on a walk to the far side of our property.  She even made it up Butterfly Hill before the guys made up it. We thought that she must be pulling thru what ever had happened.

Then yesterday morning she was throwing up then crawled under our flatbed trailer and wouldn't come out. The kids and I checked on her periodically then I went out by myself and she had died.  We are heart broken. She was a great dog to us and according to Cricket, she was the BEST GUARD DOG EVER. We buried her by the creek under one of the pecan trees. Cricket wanted to be able to look out her bedroom window and see her. So we did. Luckily, we said our goodbyes on Saturday night since we thought she wouldn't make it thru that night and we took theses pics Sunday morning when she did.  We are thankful that we were able to have these memories with her. This is HER house and HER land and we will always remember that.

Our Miss Annie is having a difficult time with it too. We lost our dog but she lost her best friend. She is howling as I type this.  She would always howl if Callie got shut out of our fenced in yard. Kyle is already talking about getting Annie a new friend but with the heat, I say wait a while til it cools off but I know we will have one soon.  

Rest in Peace, Callie Jo.


  1. Oh, I'm so sorry, Brandi. Losing a pet is really tough. I hope your kiddos are doing okay.

  2. So sad... I'm not a dog person but it still made me cry.