Wednesday, August 15, 2012

No More Sock Monsters

Attempting a Pinterest find...each person in the family gets their own small laundry bag for their socks.  When they take off their socks, they put them in their bag. No more hunting for matches and since the boys wear almost the same sized sock, no more arguing about who socks belong to.  Oh and NO MORE SOCK EATING MONSTERS.

Found the bags at Dollar General for $1.25 each.

Monday, August 6, 2012

Monkey vs Honey Locust Thorn

Photo: The culprit
The culprit . . . thank goodness for that little spur
on the thorn cause that is what stopped the
entire thorn going into the shoe and foot.
My poor Monkey stepped on a Honey Locust thorn the other day at the big farm.  He was out in the pasture with Kyle, Squirrel and my father-in-law.  They were target shooting and Monkey was walking around and fell to the ground with extreme anguish.  They though he had been bit by a snake at first but then realized the thorn had gone thru the sole of his tennis shoe and into his foot.  They pulled it out and took him back to the house to doctor it.  The poor guy is constantly getting injuries and if something weird or crazy were to happen  . . . he is always our victim.

Photo: My boy's foot! He stepped on a honey locust thorn yesterday that went thru his tennis shoe and into his foot. Looked much worse yesterday!

Thursday, August 2, 2012


Can you guess which are the fresh farm eggs and which are the store bought?

No filters were used in taking the pics.

I made breakfast burritos for dinner and didn't have enough fresh eggs so I cooked up some store bought eggs separately to see the difference.  Obvious difference.  Look at the color and the richness of the color.  Do you know why?

This is a great pic that I found but make note . . . These eggs are all cage free and all fresh.  The more "naturally" they eat (grass and insects) then the richer or darker color the yolk.  My chickens eat mixed grain, grass and bugs.  I let them out in the mornings and evenings so they can get to grass but we do feed them laying pellets, chicken scratch and we give them a pecking block periodically.

Thanks Nutrition Junky for the pic above.