Thursday, July 26, 2012

Science Museum Oklahoma

The third museum on our OKC museum tour was the Science Museum Oklahoma.  It is right next to the OKC Zoo.  We considered going to the zoo also but when it is 105 degrees outside, it was a no-brainer to just stay inside the air-conditioned museum.  We actually ended up spending 6 hours at this museum!  But I do not have the pics to show for it because the museum is totally hands-on so I had my camera in my pocket pretty much the entire time.  Since Kyle is an engineer, he was in "hog heaven" with all the physics displays and surprising enough the kids loved them too.

I think our favorite part of Science Museum Oklahoma was the Segway Track.  The kids could not get enough of it and YES they begged to have one when it was all over.  I told them that if they wanted one, they needed to become a mall cop.  Our other favorite part was the planetarium.  We all learned a lot about the Oklahoma night sky.

Other parts we enjoyed were the aircraft display, flight simulator, working train track, huge tree house to climb on, Science Live show, earthquake simulator, magnets and optical illusions.  Speaking of the Science Live show, Kyle was called up to the stage to help to a science experiment.  It was HYSTERICAL cause he does not like doing things like that in front of a LARGE group of people but he endured it.

Playing with magnets

Experimenting with air

Flight simulator

Optical illusion

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