Monday, June 11, 2012

Introducing : Mom in Okie Land

This is the start of my new blog as Mom in Okie Land.  I am trashing my old blog and starting this new one that is going to focus on our life in rural eastern Oklahoma.  I was not born and raised on a farm but my husband was and so I have essentially turned into farm girl even though I still claim to be a CITY GIRL at heart. 

14 yrs ago I married Farmer Kyle who eats, sleeps and lives the farmer life.  He daydreams of the next tractor, next welding project and the next bull he wants to buy.  When he searches the web he is looking at chicken pens, farm auctions and the newest farming equipment which is FINE with me because at least he isn’t looking at “other things”.  I might mention that Farmer Kyle works in the big city and has a desk job as an engineer and he hates it.  He doesn’t hate his actual job of designing projects but he does hate sitting in an office and staring at a computer all day.  He is like a caged monkey just waiting to get to his little plot of land in the country.

We have lived in the city, in the country, in the city and now back in the country. We currently have 10 acres that our house sits on and we lease 35 acres from friends which is where Kyle hunts in the fall/winter and in the spring/summer we keep our cows or steers there.  We also spend A LOT of time at his parent’s farm which we refer to as the BIG FARM.  We currently have 3 dogs and 11 chickens at our house then we have 15 heifers and a bull at our leased land.  The heifers and bull actually belong to my in-laws but we are their “cow-sitters”.

I have over the years learned to embrace the farmer life.  I do not always understand everything about farming but I do my best to keep an open mind and try not to have a WEAK STOMACH.

I plan on posting various tidbits, advice, experiences, pictures, MEMORIES, comical antics and whatever comes my way on this journey of being a Mom in Okie Land.  I hope you enjoy.

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