Friday, June 29, 2012

Flashback Friday

Sharing a hotdog with "Papaw"
Squirrel is ALMOST a 10yo and I just can NOT believe it.  Surely, someone is playing a mean trick on me. His love for country life is almost as big as his love for reading and Legos.  The boy has very little fear when it comes to the outdoors. He loves fish, work cows, go for long walks in the pasture and bonfires.  Here are some flashback pics from when he was a 2yo.  He and Kyle's parents made a bonfire at the big farm and then roasted hotdogs.  I love that my kiddos get to have special times like this with their grandparents.

Isn't he a cutie!  I just realized that in this pic . . . he is freckle-less.
They have taken over his face now.

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