Friday, June 29, 2012

Ahhhhhhh, Reasor's

Heirloom Tomatoes @ Reasor's
Living in the country is not ideal for someone who loves to shop.  We are very limited in my little slice of Eastern Oklahoma.  It is a 30 min drive to ANY grocery store other than our small local  store.  Don't get me wrong, I love our local store (oh and we do have a Dollar General too) but it is very limited on the products they carry.  My absolute favorite grocery store in our area is Reasor's.  Ahhhhh, Reasor's.  Just the thought of walking into Reasor's makes my heart flutter.  They have the best selection of fruits and veggies.  Even the kiddos go crazy in the produce section.  I let them help me pick out what they want and we always try to grab some things that are out of the norm for us.  Like our trip yesterday.  We picked out an artichoke (yes, only one cause they were $3 each) cause Squirrel wanted to try it since he likes spinach and artichoke dip and hummus.  I told him how you pull off the leaves and rake the meat off with your bottom teeth and he thought that was the coolest thing ever.  Can't wait to cook it to see if likes it or not.  He is my picky eater so I am happy to spend $3 on ONE artichoke to see if he likes it.  By the way . . . every week I do a "Reasor's Match-up" for the Money Saving Queen.  I match up all the coupons that are available for the products that are featured in their weekly ads.  I generally post the match-up for that week on Tues evenings and you can find them here (check the dates to make sure you are looking for your particular week).  

Here are just a couple of pics I took at the store.
Not sure what this is...some kind of melon
Bell Peppers

Sorry kiddos...Not enough room in the cart for JUNK FOOD
Too many fruits and veggies


  1. Boiled artichokes (dipped in olive oil, vinegar and salt mixture) is my FAVORITE veggie! Hope he likes it! Reasors always has beautiful artichokes.

  2. Thanks AM! We are going to try it tomorrow for dinner. I hope he does too!!!