Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Artichoke Update - Proud Mama

HE DID IT.  Squirrel helped me cook the artichoke he picked out at Reasor's the other day and he ate it (about half).  Trust me, this was a major accomplishment.  He is our picky eater. He is not a eat fries and chicken nuggets only kind of kid but he does have a limited pallet and he is a gagger.  We have tried thru the years to get him to "taste try" different foods but to no avail he usually just ends up gagging and spitting things out so this was a MAJOR ACCOMPLISHMENT.

I have to admit I had to look up how to fix it cause I wasn't quite sure but I think it turned out perfect.  I showed him how to "scrape" the leaves on his bottom teeth and tried to get him to dip it in mayo but he doesn't like mayo.  I only got a few "scrapes" from it cause when he was done with it, the twins gobbled it up.  So I guess the $3 spent was well worth it and I am ONE PROUD MAMA that he actually tried it!  Way to go Squirrel!
First I rinsed it and cut off the stem and the top portion. 
Then Squirrel took the kitchen scissors and trimmed the tips of the leaves.
 Next we steamed it in our steamer for 40 minutes 
When it cooled off, I cut it in half then drizzled olive oil in a saute pan
 added minced garlic and browned the flat sides.

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