Sunday, June 24, 2012

Whack-a-Squash Bug

We went out to the garden and found our worst nightmare . . . squash bugs.  We hate those things cause we love our squash and zucchini.  Cricket and Monkey were hunting them which is a difficult thing to do cause those are some very smart bugs.  They will run around the plant to avoid you and you have to be really fast to catch them.  C & M ended up catching 7 of them and Monkey was putting them on the concrete and then whacking them with a pool toy.  I told him he was playing whack-a-bug.  Another way to get rid of them is to put a board by the base of the plant at night and then flip it over in the morning and they will be under it.  Then remove (KILL) them. I am sure there are other ways but that is usually what I do.  How do you get rid of squash bugs?

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