Monday, June 25, 2012

Hank the Cowdog Musical

Profile PictureWe are BIG readers at our house . . . well, at least the kids are.  Squirrel constantly has his nose in a book and the twins are following suit.  One of our most favorite series of books is "Hank the Cowdog" by John R. Erickson.  This weekend there was a musical based on the book "Hank the Cowdog and Monkey Business" presented by the Tulsa Repertory Musicals.  I took the kids to see it and it was HYSTERICAL and the kids had a blast.

One reason why we enjoy the series so much is because the main character "Hank" and his goofy friend "Drover" live on a ranch.  Hank is Head of Ranch Security and each book is about his adventures on the ranch with his friend Drover.  So you can see why we are fans cause we can totally relate to a lot of his adventures.

Here are some pics from the production . . .

It was performed as a radio show

Hank and Drover "marking" the mysterious red box

Hank and the monkey

Cricket & Monkey with Hank the Cowdog

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