Friday, July 6, 2012

Spiders . . . I HATE THEM

I HATE SPIDERS.  Any kind, every kind.

Our new-to-us house was empty for several years before we bought it.  So when we moved in . . . we stirred up all the brown recluse nests.  EEEEEEKKKKKKK.  During the summer, I generally find one a day and so far (knock on a huge piece of wood) none of has been bitten.  Right now we have sticky pads all over our house that are made specifically for brown recluse that we got at our local feed store.  It has their pheromone on it and attracts them to it.  We have one behind each couch, under tv cabinet, behind washer dryer, in closets, kitchen cabinets and pantry.  Then upstairs, we have one under each bed and in closets.  Just this morning I found a brown recluse in our dirty laundry basket.  I HATE THEM.  Cricket was helping be carry the laundry down the stairs when she saw it in the pile.  We dropped the basket and I ran to get a shoe while she watched it to make sure it didn't run off.  And yes, I killed that thing.  I told Kyle last night that we needed to check all the sticky pads so we did.  You will be shocked at how many we had.  33...OMG, did I just say 33?  Yep, I did. 33. Needless to say, I had MAJOR NIGHTMARES last night.  We are now looking at other ways to rid the house of them.  At this point I am up for almost anything. I HATE THEM.

I was bitten by one when Kyle and I were first married on the inside of my thigh.  It didn't rot my skin or leave any scaring . . . thank goodness.  A week after I was bit, I found the culprit.  It was in between the top sheet and comforter on our bed so we think it bit me thru the top sheet and that was why it was a "mild" reaction to the bite.  Yes, I HATE THEM.

A friend posted this chart on FB recently and I thought it would be a good thing for others to see whether you live in the country or not.

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