Monday, July 30, 2012

Good Morning Eastern Oklahoma

Got up this morning to go for my walk and had 2 tag-alongs with me.  Squirrel and Annie decided they wanted to go for a walk too.  It was the first time for both.  They both did well except for when Annie decided to chase EVERY bird she saw.  Poor Squirrel ended up with rope burns behind his knees thanks to Annie and her leash.

Squirrel took this pic of our beautiful sunrise...

Then when we got back home, Squirrel checked for eggs.  We haven't had very many lately due to the 105+ heat. It stresses the chickens out and they just don't lay.  BUT we had a nice storm 3 days ago so I think the chickens considered that as a visit to the spa cause they cranked out some eggs for us.

9 of our 11 chickens layed an egg.  We have only been getting 2-3 a day.

Guess what we had for breakfast...fried eggs.

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