Monday, June 11, 2012

Our Chickie Babies

One of my favorite things about farm living is our chickens and our daily fresh eggs!  We currently have 11 chickens (Plymouth Rock, Americana and a Polish Crested).  We have one PR that is 4 yrs old.  She was one of 6 that we originally started with.  We have lost the other 5 due to the heat and age during the last year.  The other 10 are last year’s chicks.  We didn’t get any new ones this year cause my in-laws did and they had the chick coop that we borrow from them.  We generally get 10-12 eggs a day but lately they have slowed down due to the heat.  When we have an excess of eggs, we sell them to friends and use that money to pay for the food.  Fresh farm eggs are a HOT commodity these days.

They love my ring.  I guess diamonds are a chicken's best friend too.

Goldie Girl

We did have 2 roosters that were Polish Crested but we were not interested at the time to incubate and raise chicks so they went to live at a friend's farm who has a small hatchery. 
The black/brown one was Cowboy, the black/white sitting was Lucy (thought it was a she) .  The one that has the white fluff on the it's head is Hay cause the kids thought it looked like a bale of hay on the top of it's head.  It is a she and we still have her.

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