Monday, June 11, 2012

My Chicken Girl


Each kiddo in our household is responsible for a particular set of farm animals.  Squirrel is responsible for the cows, Cricket is responsible for the chickens and Monkey is responsible for the dogs.  They each have certain things they have to do each day and Cricket is very proud of her role with the chickens.  She makes sure they have food & water, gathers eggs and helps me box them up for selling.  We make it fun and not a chore and hopefully when they grow up they will have a love for farm living.

*The after pic cracks me up.  She stood there for a long time petting the chicken to the point where we thought it had gone to sleep.  Cricket started to shift her arms to see if the chicken’s eyes were open right when I started to take a pic and the chicken decided it was time to get down.  Don’t worry, no one got hurt.

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