Saturday, June 9, 2012

Hay Season

It’s that time again, BALING time.  Farmer Kyle grew up baling hay with his family on the big farm and then when he was a teen, he worked for a custom baling company.  Living in rural OKLAHOMA, one cannot go a day without discussing hay bales, tractors, hay mowers, hay rakes, wind rows, square baling, round baling, baling wire, baling wrap… and the list goes on and on and on!  This time we were able to bale 230 square bales.  Some weigh about 30lbs and others weigh as much as 130lbs!  We will be doing this all over again at the end of the summer HOPEFULLY.  That is if the weather/heat cooperates better this year.

Farmer Kyle

Our barn and JD tractor
Square bales

The whole family gets involved when it comes to baling time.  Farmer Kyle and his dad cut, rake and bale the hay.  I drive the tractor when they load the trailer and haul it to the barn then help with unloading the trailer.  The kids have the job of rolling the bales closer together so they can be loaded without Farmer Kyle and his dad walking all over the pasture.

Farmer Kyle raking the hay into wind rows

Farmer Kyle's dad baling hay into square bales

I have to say, this city girl likes driving the tractor!  And every year I realize just how much baling hay is an art form and has a science to it.  I don’t fully understand all the logistics but I do know that Farmer Kyle and his dad are ROCKSTARS when it comes to hay season!

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