Saturday, June 16, 2012

Annie's Love Language

Miss Annie Oakley

We really have enjoyed having Miss Annie surround our house with love.  Her love language is without a doubt “touch”.  She LOVES spending time in Kyle’s arms and sitting on my feet.  She totally thinks she is a human child except my real human children don’t drag EVERY cattle bone they can find in the neighboring pastures into our yard.  Yes, I have a cattle cemetery in my front yard thanks to Miss Annie.  I guess she thinks OUR love language is “gifts”.

Annie has gifted us will ALL these cow bones.  Some are old and some still have fresh meat on them.  Yes, I said fresh meat.  This dog is nuts. We thought there was only a couple bones in the yard but when we started picking them up to dispose of them, we realized there was enough bones to build a full skeleton.  Teeth and all. Can’t wait to see what our next gift will be (do you hear the sarcasm)?

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